Community Standards

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

At Olympic College, we are committed to cultivating a culture that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive. Everyone has a role to play in upholding the values of this college. The Community Standards page is where you will find policies and procedures to help you navigate situations that may arise at the college.

All students have the responsibility of adhering to the Student Conduct Code, which prohibits, amongst other forms of misconduct, failing to comply with the directives of college employees and interfering with the safety of the campus community. For more info, refer to the Student Conduct Code (WAC 132C-120-065 Prohibited Student Conduct).

Student Conduct Code


Community Standards Office 


To report a Student Conduct Code violation, please visit the OC Report It! page. 

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Student Conduct Code Sections

Student Conduct Code Sections

Below are sections of the student code of conduct that are commonly referred to regarding incidents.