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Brighton 3Ts


Project Details

Sytem: INTRAflex XT

Specification: INTRAflex XT with Waterlogic drainage system

Client: Brighton 3Ts

Architect: Building Design Partnership (BDP)

Installer: SDS Matting

Location: Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton

High-Performance Entrance Matting for State-of-the-art Hospital

This pioneering project is a radical upgrade of Brighton Hospital's 200-year-old site. Named the 3Ts as it includes trauma, tertiary and teaching care. Visionary architects and long-term client, BDP specified our INTRAflex XT systems with integrated Waterlogic drainage for the first stage - the main entrance building, The Louisa Martindale Building.

Approximately eight by ten metres, the Entrance Mat extends from a covered external area, through a large revolving door, side doors and into the internal lobby. Performance was the main objective as the building welcomes over 100,000 patients a year, plus staff and visitors for seven theatres, 15 isolation suites, 28 wards and service departments.

Focusing on Functionality

As a premier healthcare setting, functionality was paramount. The Entrance Mat efficiently removes water and dirt to prevent slips and keeps visitors safe. The zone 1, external section of the Entrance Mat uses INTRAflex XT with an open construction over the INTRAmatting Waterlogic drainage system to remove rainwater and dirt efficiently (it holds 75 litres per m2 which is then channelled into a waste water drainage system).

Combined with hard-wearing and weatherproof rubber inserts, it scrubs and scrapes off large dirt particles before traffic meets the zone 2. From the large revolving door into the lobby, INTRAflex XT is used in its closed construction format, with fibre inserts, for greater comfort and further moisture absorption.

A Higher Standard

Another key consideration was strength. The building's multiple-floor-height entrance is fully glazed with services installed at height. Specific access equipment and Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) help maintain the building, so we checked their details to ensure the Entrance Mat could efficiently handle the load stress.

The Waterlogic system is extremely strong, and we construct it with reinforced supports so that the chosen matting can easily cope with extreme loads. Manufactured to perfectly fit the matwell, the Waterlogic base curves around the 5m wide revolving door.

Considering Accessibility

Serving such a variety of people with specific needs, accessibility was another important part of the specification. BDP chose materials and finishes for DDA compliance. We have Light Reflecting Values (LRV) for each of our products, so BDP could easily choose which materials were best for contrasting with other flooring and building substrates.

We test all our Entrance Matting products for slip ratings, and to ensure that they are wheel and heel proof. The zone 2, internal performance Entrance Matting is a closed construction with fibre inserts to scrape and remove finer debris. The dirt retained in the matting is easy to remove with regular vacuuming as part of the hospital’s stringent cleaning regime.

A Proven Healthcare Partner

Healthcare settings have their own specific challenges and demand high standards for Entrance Matting. BDP has worked with us for years across a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, so trust our products and service to deliver their exacting standards. We’re now finalising the Entrance Matting for the second stage of the 3Ts redevelopment at Royal Sussex County Hospital.

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