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1911 Announcement

Released on our Facebook page and other media outlets, we wanted to share this Press Release here in the web site as well.


To: 1911 Customers                                                                                                                       Date: 26 June, 20014

Re: 1911

Dear Olympic Arms 1911 Customer,

Olympic Arms has a rich history of 1911 production. Since having acquired both the M.S. Safari Company, and the Randall Corporation in the late 1980’s and combining them into Safari Arms, Inc. our 1911’s took the market by storm and set new standards for quality and accuracy in a reasonably priced 1911. Owning our own casting house and tooling allowed us to keep a close eye on quality control from molten steel to finished product. Manufacturing our own broach-cut National Match grade barrels from bar stock in-house, gave us the ability to provide unprecedented accuracy for hundreds, even thousands less than other brands.

Since that time, the 1911 industry has exploded, and the market has changed significantly. More recently, our company was forced to close our casting facility in Costa Mesa, CA, and our machines and tooling had to be relocated to a new facility that is still unable to produce our parts to the standards we require. That project is still on-going, but does not hold a great deal of promise. Lastly, our Master 1911 Pistolsmith of over 20 years, Mr. Richard Neimer passed away very unexpectedly this past November. The collective results of these events have caused such an interruption in production of raw materials, parts and assemblies that have up to this point, been insurmountable.


Shipping Schedules & Backorders

We just wanted to give you all an update on our current shipping schedules.

Standard Production models (Plinker Plus Compacts, Plinker Plus Flat-tops, K16's, K8's etc) if not on the floor for immediate delivery, are generally shipping within 1-2 weeks from the date of the new order.

Orders on Specialty Shop Models, and rifles such as the UMAR (.22-250 AR15), K8 Magnum rifles (WSSM calibers), and Big Game/Predator hunting models such as the LTFP, Gamestalker, and Gamestalker-II riles are still 3-4 months out on all NEW orders. Existing backorders are in some case considerably longer and much movement is being made to get fully up to date on all backorders. However, with larger production runs and shorter time between production runs, shipping estimates are dropping significantly. 

Thanks for your patience, and we look forward to serving you soon.

Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity

For those customers looking to certify the date of manufacture of their Olympic Arms AR15's/Lower receivers, the purchase of a Certificate of Authenticity is necessary. The certificate will state all available information about your particular serial number as is available to us here at the factory. Please be advised that all serial numbers manufactured before 6 September 2000, will have incomplete information. Due to a fire at the Olympic Arms facility on that date, all records prior to that have been destroyed. Some limited informational databases however still exist that contain serial number ranges, and dates of manufacture that correspond to that range. Modern serial numbers (dates after 6 September 2000) are current, and will contain the actual date of manufacture, model type, and date is was shipped.

Once fully researched, each Certificate of Authenticy (COA), is laser-printed on standard sized paper (8.5"x11"), suitable for framing, and delivered in a UV page protector via U.S. Mail.

The cost for the COA is $35.00 per serial number. To order your COA simply call the toll free number 800-228-3471. Have your serial number and Credit Card available when you call. 

For those people who are not required to show factory certifiaction of the date of manufacture, a current list of serial numbers and date ranges of manufacture is held on the Olympic Arms web site for your convenience. You can access that list by clicking here. 

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RETAIL CUSTOMERS: Olympic Arms does not take orders for FIREARMS or SERIAL NUMBERED ITEMS directly from retail consumers. If you ARE NOT an FFL dealer, you cannot purchase complete firearms or serial numbered component parts from Olympic Arms unless you are a Washington State Resident that can physically walk into our store front retail show room to make your purchase. Barring that scenario, all purchases must be made through a licensed FFL dealer.

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